Eco Loan

Do you wish to make changes to your home to save energy? And are you a resident of Breda and do you have a low income? If so, you can apply for an Eco Loan.

Example of energy-saving changes are: roof insulation, floor insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, cavity insulation and the installation of double/triple glazing (HR++/HR+++). You can take out the loan at a low rate.

When do you qualify for an eco loan?

  • If you plan to do the jobs in your home yourself, or with the help of a builder
  • If you meet the energy saving guidelines (limiting CO2 emissions)
  • If you can pay back the loan within 10 years.

If you are younger than 65 years of age, the following conditions also apply:

  •  You have an income of up to 130% of the statutory minimum wage
  •  Your own bank will not provide a loan for energy-saving measures

But if you are younger than 65 years and your credit history isn't good, you can still apply for a loan.

Conditions of an eco loan

The loan has a repayment period of up to ten years with a low annual percentage rate of charge. For private individuals, the annual percentage rate of charge is 2.0% (2022) for the entire repayment period.

The minimum loan is € 1.000,00
The maximum loan is € 10.000,00


In this overview you will find an example of the credit amount to be borrowed and the amount that you will ultimately pay.

Total Credit Amount (Eco Loan)Instalment Duration of the contract (in months)Annual percentage rate of chargeTotal amount that you will pay
€ 1.000,00€ 17,50602,00%€ 1.050,00
€ 3.000,00€ 52,55602,00%€ 3.130,53
€ 5.000,00€ 56,40962,00%€ 5.414,40
€ 10.000,00€ 92,001202,00%€ 11.040,00

Other repayment periods are also possible.

Examples of energy-saving measures:

  • Draught excluders
  • Radiator foil
  • Radiator fan
  • Water-saving shower head
  • LED bulbs
  • Replacement of single glazing
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Internal wall insulation
  • Attic floor insulation
  • Flat or sloping roof insulation
  • Heat pump